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The three kings to Colonia

4000 kilometers via Como

The story of the Magi told in the Gospel has mysterious origins and becomes richer with legendary episodes across the centuries. It is one of the most famous and most popular legends. Como has an important role in keeping the legend alive, because the tradition says that the relics of the kings passed by Como in the caravan that carried them from Milan to Cologne on bylaw of the emperor Frederic II. They are still worshipped in Cologne, from where a small part has been taken back to the Basilica of St. Eustorgio in Milan. At the time the caravan had to pass through Como, an important centre of communication with the Alps, already known by the Romans.



An ex monastery survived the bylaw that destroyed the district of Cortesella in 1934. We do not have reliable news about it. However, nowadays the “Tre Re” (Three kings) hotel takes its name from an old inn, which was another place where the relics stopped. The exterior is not particularly interesting, even though the old stable is still visible and there is an entrance on the medieval via Vitani. The interiors show architectural elements and antique furniture from different ages. The columns of one of the halls and the stairs show typical design and material of medieval courts.